Rail Wrapz

Rail Wrapz

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These are great! Get awesome vibrant colour on your rails with no mess, no fuss, no paint!!!

Easy as 1,2,3!
1)Pick your stripe colour(s)
2)Cut number of stripes per rail you'd like
3)Peel off sticky backing & stick onto your rail. Done! All set, right there. No pre-ordering necessary. No waiting for paint to dry. Sooo EASY!

-Colour choices are: red, purple, light blue, dark blue, teal, light green, dark green, yellow, orange, black, white and grey.

-approx. 30cm wide (1 stripe of approx. 34cm long suits 100mm circumference rail)

-Sold in the following options:
Strip of 3 @ $15.00 
Strip of 6 @ $30.00 
Strip of 9 @ $45.00
Strip of 12@ $60.00